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Deck Design

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A NJ Deck can be just like another room in your house. Effective Deck design can mean that your increase the floor space of your home, by adding an outside room that allows you to entertain like never before. A NJ Deck can just be a rectangular wood shape with some plastic chairs and griller, but it can also be so much more.

What comes to mind when you think of a NJ Custom Built Deck?

A good NJ Deck design gives you the opportunity to create an outside living area – an extension of your home – for entertaining and relaxing all year round. For instance, people who like to entertain may want to consider a NJ Deck with an undercover kitchen and dining area. By adding a barbecue grill, a built in fridge and some quality outdoor furniture, the NJ Custom Deck can, in itself, become a feature of your home.

When starting a new Deck design, it is important to remember that your new outdoor entertaining area does not need to be expensive. There are a variety of different Deck surfaces to fit a particular style or budget, including Rot Resistant Wood, Composite Decking,(including Timbertech, Azek, Fiberon, Etc.). There is no need to stick to one type of Decking or surface – experiment. In lays,different patterns,deck to railing contrasts, can all be incorporated. A contrasting Stone edge can also be effective. Similarly, Deck shades need not be extensive, just enough to cover the main cooking and eating areas; after all, why block out the view of your gorgeous garden in the midday sun or the stars in the sky on a clear night.

Consider textures, colors, and materials before starting

One of the most important considerations of NJ Deck design is landscaping. Plants help to soften the hard surface of a Deck floor by providing color, texture and fragrance and they set the mood for an outdoor living space. Further, you might also like to consider the use of a water feature and some soft low voltage lighting or candles, to create a stunning NJ Deck setting for night time entertaining.

Finally, selecting the right furniture is the key to the perfect Deck design. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on the right setting; more importantly you want to select items that are durable, basic in color and rich in style and sophistication. Consider resin coated wicker or rattan pieces that can be dressed up with different cushions and throw rugs. These items can be changed regularly to cater for a themed party or more simply, to match the changes in your flourishing flower beds.

A NJ Deck design can be as elaborate or as straightforward as you want it to be. Decks can be arranged in any shape and size and can be refreshed regularly just like the interior of your home. Outdoor entertaining is an increasing pastime – enjoy it with family and friends!

Arrange Deck furniture and elements thoughtfully

In order to create a comfortable space with pleasant atmosphere it is important to consider these details: Circulation – how will people walk through the space; Seating – where will people be sitting; Views – what will people be looking at when sitting. For circulation, you want to position a sitting area in a location where circulation will not pass directly through, making the space distracting, unless you have no choice. For creating comfortable seating for conversation, orient chairs, sofas, and gliders towards each other, 6 to 8 feet apart; this is a comfortable distance for talking without feeling too close. For views, you can create focal points with trees and shrubs in the distance, or planters and ornaments closer by.


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