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Composite Railings

Most composite railing is manufactured and designed to match the same styling as the deck material seamlessly, and are prefabricated

into traditional looks like colonial or modern. Because of the cost of composite decking, most manufacturers don’t offer too many style

combinations; so often composite decks and railings look very similar to that of other nearby homes. Although very durable, color

fastness of composite decking is a concern, as it is not always as lasting as promised.


Standard Deck Railing

Standard deck railings are most often those used by new home constructors or do-it-yourself homeowners. These are usually the least expensive option for railings, and consist of average wood

railings of poplar and pine that will last anywhere from two to 10 years depending on maintenance and stain finish. Construction is generally done using beveled 2×2 wood pickets attached to a

2×6 on edge at the top, and fastened with deck screws to the outer band of wood in the deck frame.


Custom Wood Railings

Custom wood railings come in any shape or size that are imaginable and can be crafted from wood. They take professional installation

and sometimes need to be specifically engineered with ornate bevels and construction designs to service intricacies not found on

standard decks. These railings often match higher-end wood used in the decks or finer woods like heart red cedar, old growth redwood,

or mahogany that add durability and richness.

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Metal Railings

Metal deck railing is both strong and ornate, but will not break the bank for homeowners. Besides wrought iron and welded metal

railings, coated aluminum is very popular because of its durability and low cost, and it’s offered in a range of colors and shapes.

Installation is also relatively simple for metal railings, either done by welded metal, using pre-manufactured guide strips, or linked into 

pre-drilled wood using templates on site.